Getting Started

This page describes how to get up and running with Construi. By following this page you will be able to install Construi and run a simple target.


Construi requires that you have the following installed:

Construi is then installed using pip:

$ pip install construi


Construi is configured for your project via a construi.yml file in the project root. The simplest construi.yml file specifies an image and a single target with a single command to be run.

image: debian:jessie

    run: echo "Hello World"


To run a target we pass it to construi on the command line. In the same folder as the above construi.yml file:

$ construi hello-world

This will result in construi fetching the debian:jessie docker image and executing echo "Hello World" inside it. You will see the execution progress and the result echoed in the output.